Dear Gmail

Dear Gmail,

Thank you.  My gratitude is yours. It may have been as easy as one, two, three tabs but no longer will i have to sift through discounts, donations and digests to find that long-lost email containing my tax file number.

Yes I could have set up colour coordinated folders, engaged in some redirecting and spam filtering. But that would have taken precious time away from my House of Cards marathon. And where’s the fun in that.

Unfortunately this does bring about some issues for the marketer in me. Especially one that makes a living confusing your inboxes with carefully crafted content. Like many of you i spend hours every week drafting, testing and measuring subject lines, headers and footers to achieve that elusive open, click and share.

Gmail strikes again.

And for what. Gmail’s three new default tabs have ensured that your email marketing no longer competes for space with family and friends. It gets dumped into the mysterious Tab 3: Promotions.

Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner’s recent podcast offers tips on how to ensure your emails don’t get lost in the depths of Tab 3. He recommends educating your Gmail users on how to program your favourite newsletters to appear in the primary inbox rather than the promotions tab. It’s actually quite easy. Simply drag an email from one tab into the other and click ‘Yes’ to apply to future emails from the same address.

In 2012, there were 425 million Gmail users so if you haven’t already, it’s worth taking the time to go through your database to see what % will be affected by these changes.  If you start to notice your metrics slipping and can’t attribute it to ailing content or cheesy subject lines, why not give Michael’s tips a try.

  1. Make a video educating your Gmail users
  2. Promote this video on your social channels
  3. Embed video on your email ‘Thanks for Registering’ page
  4. Alter your subscription follow-up email
  5. Segment your Gmail users and send them the video


Since posting, i’ve received a number of emails with their own version of Michael’s tips. ASOS and Red Balloon are on the ball it seems.


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